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Looking for a painting contractor in Miami, FL? Hire professionals that have over 25 years of experience working with both residential painting and commercial painting clients. 

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Painting Company Miami FL

Residential Painting

painting contractor miami

With over 25 years of experience with house painting, we’ve created systems that ensure the highest quality of finish. If you’re looking for a painter that prioritizes quality over speed, or cost, then you’ve found your painter.

Here’s a list of all our interior painting services: 


Painting Contractors Miami FL

Commercial Painting

Looking for commercial painting in Miami, Fl with years of experience working with all kinds of property managers, general contractors, and more. First impressions matter, and your building is your customer’s first impression of your business. We have the staff to handle commercial painting projects of all sizes.

We do all commercial painting work, including:

  • Interior Commercial Painting
  • Exterior Commercial Painting
  • Masonry Coating & Repairs
  • Silicone Waterproof Coatings
  • Wood Repair & Painting
  • Metal Work
    • Including metal restoration and painting
painting contractor miami
painting contractor miami

Solution-Oriented Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is different- we get that. 

Whether you’re looking to refresh a property, extended lifespan, finish a remodel, improve curb-appeal to drive more customers, or just paint new construction for the first time. 

We get commercial painting. We meet deadlines, we solve problems, and we get it done quickly, safely, and affordably. 

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Pressure Cleaning Services

Roof cleaning miami

Being dirty is usually not a good thing, and the same goes for your building. Whether you want something pressure washed for a party, open-house, or just to have a clean house- we do all kinds of pressure cleaning. Especially in the areas that are too dangerous for anyone to get on.

Our Pressure Washing Services Include: 

  • Roof Cleaning with and without bleach
  • Exterior Pressure Cleaning
  • Commercial pressure cleaning miami
  • HOA Pressure Washing
  • All types of miami pressure washing services.

Why Choose Us?

We Think It’s Pretty Simple.

Award Worthy Service

There's a reason we've been referred to as the top painters in Miami for 25 Years. Quality above all else for us.


Perfect Reviews

All our clients absolutely love us, and vouch for us. Most of our customers love us so much, they immediately refer us to everyone they know.


Industry Leading Quality

Our work speaks for itself. When it comes to quality, you can't fake passion, love, and dedication. We love what we do, and we do it for you.


We're Always On Time

We know how annoying it can be to deal with a painter that never keeps their word. We promise to always be on time and hit deadlines.

Painting Services In Miami

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ve perfected our paint services. An obsession with training our team, ensuring the most thorough preparation, and prioritizing customer satisfaction has made our painters and paint services the top in Miami. 

If you’re looking for a painting company you can rely on, then you’ve found your painter. The jobs not done until it’s done right.

painting contractor miami

Answers To Questions You Might Have

Some FAQs

First things first! Thanks for giving Picazzo Painting Corp a shot at bringing your project to life.

When you sign up for a free estimate, you can expect to get a call from us within 24 hours. We’re going to schedule a time to come out and inspect the property in person. At that point, we’re going to inspect the property to check for any damage, necessary repairs, evaluate the entire surface area that needs to be painted, and answer any questions.

Immediately after the estimate, we will run the numbers and give you a final price for the project based on the scope of work decided and the cost of materials associated.

The Process In A Nut Shell:

  1. You fill out a request for a free quote
  2. We contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time for your estimate
  3. We come out and give an in-person inspectoin to give a more accurate estimate
  4. We calculate the price of the project and send you an official estimate for the project
  5. If we agree to move forward on the project, then we set a start date for the work.

I can give you an endless list of reasons why our service is just superior to the competition.

But instead of boring you all day, I’ll just give you the 3 main reasons.

  1. A 5 year workmanship warranty with every project. This means that hiring us is completely risk free. If anything goes wrong that shouldn’t have gone wrong, we’ll come back and makeup for it. Simple. We’re that confident.
  2. Never Use Sub-Contractors. Each of our painters are trained in-house to follow the strictest standards and protocols for house painters Miami. We work hard to be the best Florida painting company, and that doesn’t happen by using cheaply outsourced labor that isn’t highly incentivized to focus on quality over quantity. If you’re looking to work with one of the best painting companies in Miami, then you’ve found a company that takes every step of the process very seriously.
  3. Always on time. After years in business, the most common compliment we get is always that clients are shocked how well we stick to our schedule. We pride ourselves in being on time, showing up when we say we’ll show up, and finishing projects when we say we’ll finish them.
  4. Your project is our project. We mean this. We’re honored that you would trust us with your home, business, or property. We don’t take this trust for granted- you’re not just another client for us. We mean it. We pride ourselves on putting everything back to how it was before, communicating honestly and continuously throughout the project, and we always do our best to accommodate all requests. We appreciate your business, and we want to work in a way that proves we do.
If you’re interested in our painting process check out our blog about How To Paint A Room.
We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards ( Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Visa).

We serve the vast majority of South Florida. We’ll go as far north as Miami Gardens and we’ll go about as far south as Florida City. 

We will also make exceptions for jobs that are either further north or further south, but this is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

For the sake of clarification, here is a comprehensive list of cities that we’ll visit:

  1. Florida City 
  2. Homestead
  3. Leisure City
  4. Naranja
  5. Princeton
  6. Redlands
  7. Cutler Bay
  8. South Miami Heights
  9. Palmetto Bay
  10. Kendall
  11. The Crossings
  12. Kendale Lakes
  13. Pinecrest
  14. South Miami
  15. Sunset
  16. Westchester
  17. Coral Gables
  18. Miami
  19. Virginia Key
  20. Key Biscayne
  21. Miami Beach
  22. North Miami Beach
  23. Fountainbleau
  24. Sweetwater
  25. Doral
  26. Miami Springs
  27. Medley
  28. Hialeah Gardens
  29. Hialeah
  30. Miami Shores
  31. Miami Lakes
  32. Opa-Locka


This is a main part of our business actually. We typically work out multi-month contracts with business complexes or commercial units that offers the tenant or the owner tremendous peace of mind. 

We also factor in the first visit into the contract so that there are no hidden charges. I say this because usually the first visit will be the most labor intensive. It’s when we come in and bring up the property to our standards, whether that be with commercial pressure cleaning or commercial painting, or even commercial waterproofing. 

Our payment terms are typically laid out on a month-to-month basis, but the rates are to be prepaid monthly. 

What does this mean? 

Well, it means that your first payment will be due as soon as we sign the contract and will cover all services for the following month. 

Instead of paying for the services you’ve already received, you’re paying for the services that you’re going to receive. 

Why do we do this?

Well, because commercial maintenance can be incredibly labor and resource intensive. We like to do business with honest, hardworking companies like ours, but sometimes we’re not that lucky. Unfortunately, given the amount of resources that can be used throughout the month, if we were to brunt the count without pay, it would put a tremendous amount of pressure on our cashflow. So, in order to better protect ourselves and our workers, we make sure that we collect the monthly rates up-front. 

But don’t worry. Like it’s laid out all over this website, every single project that we do is covered by a 5 year workmanship warranty. So that means that we guarantee that our work will stand the test of time. However, in the event that customers or the day-to-day business operations at your building end up damaging some of the work we did, this isn’t necessarily covered by the warranty but it will be taken care of within the next scheduled maintenance visit as per our contractual agreement. 

Our Clients Love Us.

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