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What Sheen For Exterior Paint

What Sheen for Exterior Paint (2 Variables to Consider)

Straight To The Point: What sheen for exterior paint: If you’re thinking about exterior painting, your pick of sheen really boils down to two angles The best sheen for exterior paint really is any paint that’s glossers. Flat is the least durable paint, and the least recommended. We paint about

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how often to paint house exterior

How Often To Paint House Exterior (3 Key Signs)

Straight To The Point: How often to paint house exterior: If you’re thinking about exterior painting, there’s 2 reasons that could affect your timing. In the case of the second situation, you want to look for these key signs of wear If you see any of these, it’s a good

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How To Paint A Room (Best Tested Methods)

How to paint a room? Painting a room is a great way to renovate the look of your home. If done correctly, it can completely change the atmosphere and appearance of that room. However, if steps are skipped, the improper technique is implemented, and the quality of your materials is

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How often should I paint my house?

How often should I paint my house? Well, this can depend on a variety of factors, including the material of the exterior, the climate in which the home is located, and personal preference.  Here are some general guidelines for how often a person might want to consider painting their home:

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Should you pressure clean your house before painting?

So, should you pressure clean your house before painting? The simple answer to this question is yes, it is always to your benefit to make sure that the surface of your home is in the proper condition to bond with the fresh coat of paint. If you want to know

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How To Hire A Painting Contractor

How To Hire A Painting Contractor 4-ways

How To Hire A Painting Contractor? Put simply, hiring a painter contractor requires looking at google reviews(both the good and the bad), their specialties, and other characteristics like punctuality, accountability, and their ability to communicate well. Especially when hiring a painting contractor tends to be a large financial commitment, and

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how long does primer take to dry

How Long Does Primer Take To Dry?

Before you get started with your painting project, there are a couple of things you’re probably going to want to know.  For starters, how long does primer take to dry?  As trivial as this may seem, it’s actually a critical question to ask- because if you don’t wait for your

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can you paint your metal roof?

Can you Paint a Metal Roof? (5 Easy Steps)

One of the biggest perks of a metal roof is how little maintenance they need to last a long time. While that’s a massive perk (that you definitely paid good money for) it also means that you never really get the chance to change the color of the roof with

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oil paint drying cover

How Long Does Oil Paint Take To Dry? (2 Ways to speed it up)

Straight to the point. How long does oil paint take to dry? Oil paint takes much more time to dry than regular latex paint. Latex paint usually takes around 1 hour to finish drying. Oil-based paints usually take around 6-8 hours to dry.  However, the dry time is heavily dependent

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Ponding water on flat roof causing problems

What Causes Ponding Water On Flat Roof?

When people see a pool of water settling on their roof they laugh it off, thinking it’s just normal and harmless. This shouldn’t be the normal reaction, as water ponding can have serious consequences.  Don’t make the mistake of writing off the potential damage that’s being caused here. No matter

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How long does deck paint take to dry?

How Long Does Deck Paint Take To Dry?

You just painted your deck and are wondering, how long does deck paint take to dry? Well, when we’re painting anything outdoors, there are variables that are out of our control. This can delay the drying process for acrylic paint.  On a dry, hot day it should feel dry to

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Can You pressure wash in the rain?

Can You Pressure Wash In The Rain?

Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control- especially when it comes to outdoor chores. Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, it’s obvious why you might be concerned about your pressure washer getting rained on. But, is that enough of a concern for postponing your pressure washing? Can

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Is Pressure Cleaning Even Necessary?

Why Is Roof Cleaning Necessary? (3 Key Reasons)

If you’ve ever asked yourself,  “is roof cleaning necessary?” Then this article is for you. Are you taking the necessary precautions to keep your roof in good condition? Without a question, your roof serves as the primary barrier between the environment and your property. A rooftop can become covered with

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Does Bleach damage asphalt shingle?

Will Bleach Damage Asphalt Shingles? (Read before cleaning your roof)

If you’ve ever thought about cleaning your roof, you’ve probably considered using bleach or some other kind of harsh chemical. Depending on the stain, or mold/lichen, that’s grown on your roof- just pressure washing isn’t going to be enough to totally remove the filth. With that being said, it’s important

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Commercial Painting Costs

4 Variables That Drive Up Commercial Painting Cost

Commercial painting can be an incredible investment. For the sake of this article, I’m going to discuss commercial painting from the perspective of the property owner, not from the perspective of the painter. With that being said, commercial painting can be incredibly important. Similar to residential real estate, having a

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