How To Hire A Painting Contractor

How To Hire A Painting Contractor 4-ways

How To Hire A Painting Contractor? Put simply, hiring a painter contractor requires looking at google reviews(both the good and the bad), their specialties, and other characteristics like punctuality, accountability, and their ability to communicate well. Especially when hiring a painting contractor tends to be a large financial commitment, and the last thing you want is to just burn a bunch of cash.

 If you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation, read on. 

It is always difficult to spot good people in your daily life. People always like putting their best foot forward and making a good impression on others. In doing so,  they tend to hide their less-than-favorable features. Luckily, choosing the right painting contractor is infinitely easier.

In this blog, I will give you 4 discernable ways to find a great painting contractor because of signing on the dotted line. 

Please keep in mind that just like people, some painting contractors are definitely out there to deceive you. They would manipulate prices, attention to detail, and create excuses for their work. Now, this is something I would like to help everyone avoid, so let’s get started. 

Does A Painting Contractor Have Good Reviews?

A great way to hire a painting contractor is by looking at their google reviews. These should be incredibly easy to access via their website, but if your painting contractor doesn’t have a website, that is not a red flag. Good reviews are just a surface-level indication of the quality of a painting contractor. They tend to put their best reviews in the headlines and tuck away the negative reviews. 

This is why when looking for a painter with good reviews, don’t just look at the number rating because that can be entirely deceiving. To make sure that this painting contractor is the right choice for you, read a few reviews. Take a look at what previous customers have left and ask yourself a few questions:

 Do the reviews use robotic language? 

Ex. I recommend this painting company. They are an amazing company. They did an amazing job.

This might be an indication that the reviews were written without any significant thought and should be excluded from your search for a contractor. Robotic reviews will use platitudes and basic adjectives to describe the job done at their home. 

Are the reviews way too short to be real?

Ex. They did a great job. 

Obviously, this tells you nothing about the company as a whole. These reviews should not be included in your search. 

Now, reviews that you should keep in your search are lengthy, in-depth, and specific. This is an example from our website. 

How to Hire A Painting Contractor Image

This review is a great example of a review that you should use in your search because it is void of simplistic, robotic language. It was written with thought and creativity. 

Quick Tip: Always try reading negative reviews but in mind the same rules that we have just described.

What makes a Painting Contractor Special?

This method is hardly prescribed when people ask: How To Hire A Painting Contractor? That has always been strange to me because it is usually very simple to find. If the painting contractor has a website this key marketing point should be easy to find. You just need to look at what services, quality, and characteristics they choose to highlight when describing their work.

Ex. Always provide a detailed description and plan of their work before commencing on the property. 

Ex. Providing the owner with a daily update on the progress of their job. 

Obviously, this characteristic can vary within leaps and bounds for every company, but it is still useful information to be aware of when choosing a painting contractor.

Take a look at our own website:

How To Hire A Painting Contractor Image #2

Here, we promise a 5-year workmanship warranty, same-day quotes, and 25 years of experience. Within the first few glances at our website, you can clearly see what makes us different from the competition. 

So, the next time you are looking for a painting contractor try to find out what makes them special. It will help in eliminating potential options and gives you a chance to learn about a specific company and its values.

Does The Painting Contractor Communicate Well?

If you have gone through the previous two steps and have decided to contact a specific contractor. Then, this is the time to be paying attention. 

Communication is a must for any contractor regardless of their industry. If they do not communicate properly and clearly then it will be much more difficult for you to get the results you deserve. 

Immediately after calling a contractor,  there are a few things you can infer. First off, does the person on the phone speak with energy? Are they welcoming and friendly? I’ll be the first to say that speaking with a company on the phone isn’t the most exciting thing you can do. However, when the representative is lively, it makes the experience much more enjoyable. 

While on the phone with the company representative, you should also pay attention to how they answer your questions. Are they responding with even more questions or do they answer your question clearly? If they hesitate to answer your questions this is a huge red flag. One of the most important aspects of choosing the right company is transparency. If this is lacking, then it would be best to move on to the next greatest prospect.

Lastly, you should take other obvious things into account. Can the person on the phone speak in my language or in multiple languages? This is definitely a weird thing to pay attention to, but it is incredibly important. In my experience, language barriers have the potential to be an issue. If the contractor is unable to communicate with the homeowner, then it is indicative of future misunderstandings and potential errors.

As you can see, on-phone communication is a great way to weed out any potential contractors. If they cannot communicate clearly and quickly, then the contractor might be in more trouble than they are worth.

Good Qualities in A Painting Contractor/ Bonus Questions

In any realm of endeavor punctuality is king. So, when you have gone through the last three steps and have decided to contact a contractor for a quote, pay attention to their punctuality. Did they get there exactly on time? Five minutes late? Or 5 minutes early? A contractor needs to treat her job with the respect it deserves, tardiness is definitely a red flag. 

How can you trust a person with your property if they cannot be trusted to arrive on time? 

And if they are late how do they respond? 

These are also things that you need to pay attention to.

 Are they accountable for their mistakes? 

Take the time to think about all of these factors before you make the decision to stick with a painting contractor and I guarantee you cannot go wrong.

Hiring A Painter Checklist

If you’re still wondering how to hire a painting contractor use this short list to guide your search.

  1. Does the contractor have good reviews?
  2. Does the contractor have anything special about them?
  3. Does the contractor have the ability to communicate easily?
  4. Does the contractor have good qualities like punctuality and accountability?

What We Do As A Company

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