Is Pressure Cleaning Even Necessary?

Why Is Roof Cleaning Necessary? (3 Key Reasons)

If you’ve ever asked yourself,  “is roof cleaning necessary?” Then this article is for you.

Are you taking the necessary precautions to keep your roof in good condition? Without a question, your roof serves as the primary barrier between the environment and your property. A rooftop can become covered with dirt, fungus, and debris over time, reducing its attractiveness significantly.

Aside from increasing a property’s aesthetic appeal, maintaining the roof clean has certain significant advantages that are important to consider. A dirty roof will degrade quickly over time, exposing your home to plenty of problems.

But, even with how many benefits come from roof cleaning, most homeowners put it off and consider it an unnecessary expense. That couldn’t be any further from the truth.

It makes perfect sense to clean your roofs on a regular basis. In this article, we’ll dive into this to help you determine whether it’s actually necessary to have your roof cleaned on a regular basis. Continue reading to learn more.

Is roof cleaning necessary?

The roof is among the most significant components of any building. It’s there to serve as a weatherproof covering for the house, but it’s always exposed to the weather and thus gets more than its fair share of wearing and strain. A lot of debris can accumulate on the top of a roof over time. Roofs which are frequently moist or in the shadow are susceptible to moss, algae, and fungus, while those in city centers are frequently discolored due to air pollutants.

Removing stains and discoloration from the top of a roof could have a significant impact on its visual look. Roof cleaning may increase a building’s lifetime as well as improve its looks. Many organic chemicals will damage the roof’s structure over time. Organic material can induce rotting in wood and brittleness in tile and shingle. Roof cleaning for lichen, mildew, fungus, or moss aids in preventing this damage and extending the life of your roof.

Lastly, while performing roof cleaning for fungus, mildew, lichen, and other contaminants, experts can assess the general state of the roof. This frequently results in little flaws being found early, which can prevent minor errors from becoming more significant and saving a lot of time, expense, and trouble in the near future.

With that being said, here are the 3 top reasons for pressure cleaning your roof:

1 – Algae, Fungus, Lichen, and Moss can wreak havoc on your roof

Yep, that “dirt” that you see on your roof, rarely ever is actually just dirt. The most common kind of growth on your roof is algae, and you’ll usually identify it by black-streaks, kind of like dirt was smeared on your roof.

Roof Algae Miami
Roof Algae In Miami

This is a great example of a filthy roof, and what it looks like after some solid cleaning with bleach and soft pressure.


Algae itself isn’t inherently risky, or harmful to your roof- but it’s usually a “gateway” towards much more harmful bacterial and fungal growths on your roof.

For example, Lichen is an incredibly damaging growth that can cause leaks, and actually strip protective coatings from your roof- it only grows when algae and fungus combine.

In some other cases, much more extreme, you might have moss (uncommon in south Florida), lichen, or fungus growing on your roof.

Of all these potential roof organisms, the worst, by far, tends to be moss. That’s because most needs a substantial amount of water to survive and thrive, and all of that humidity just gets trapped on your roof- eventually making its way into your attic and ceilings.

Lichen, on the other hand, is also very dangerous and damaging, but for a different reason. Lichen is extremely “clingy” and really sticks to your tiles or shingles, often leaving actual holes in your roof material when it’s cleaned off.

So, in summary- cleaning your roof helps you avoid any algae, fungus, or lichen growing on your roof- which prevents any moisture from making its way into your roof, and also prevents your roof material from breaking down.

However, there are a few areas of your home that you should avoid pressure cleaning.

2 – A clean roof is an asset when you’re selling your home.

I don’t want to get into an overly complicated explanation of why this is true.

At some point in your life, you’ve driven past a clean roof and a dirty roof- if you took the time to analyze them, you’d easily realize the difference.

A clean roof, and a clean house, say a lot about the owners, especially when it comes time to sell.

It’s very hard to quantify how much extra cash you’ll get for your home if your roof is clean, but one thing is for sure- it’ll catch more eyes and draw more people in for walkthroughs.

So, even if the bottom line isn’t affected, the amount of time it’ll take to get your hands off your hands definitely will.

A dirty roof is a massive red flag because the new owner needs to make sure to get it inspected thoroughly, and can even be hesitant if reports come back clean. Don’t give your prospective buyers anything to worry about, a quick investment can make all the difference.

Just judge for yourself, which part of the roof looks better.

why is roof cleaning necessary
Roof Pressure Cleaning Comparison

The dirty part of the roof makes it seem like this roof is heavily damaged, and has been around for decades. A quick, one-day pressure cleaning and the roof looks like it was just installed.

3 – Avoid HOA Complaints/Violations

You probably know if your HOA prioritizes or mandates roof cleaning, but in case you don’t- you should probably find out.

The issue with these agreements is that usually, HOAs don’t enforce them, until they feel the pressure to please board members.

All of a sudden, you get served with a notice that lets you know that you have 4 weeks to have your entire roof cleaned (or replaced in extreme scenarios), and there’s little that you can do about it.

Real HOA Example:

Property owners face up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine for violating the code, although it is not strictly enforced.

This is the first time the Welleby association has cracked down on roofs.

Link to Source

So, yeah. Don’t leave your roof filth to proliferate over the years- because these HOAs tend to strike at the most inopportune times. The best way to avoid having to deal with any kind of notice, or fine, is to just make sure that you’re pressure cleaning your roof once a year (at least).

Should you clean your roof?

Roof cleaning is necessary to extend the life of the roof’s structure and to prevent the development of moss and mold. Various roofing materials provide protection against the development of certain conditions; thus it is necessary to understand which type of care is required for your specific roof. When lichen, algae, as well as other problems occur on asphalt shingles, you may be able to eliminate them.

Just in case, be sure to pressure clean your roof when it’s sunny outside. As it is, your roof is probably extremely slippery, and that get’s even worse if you’re pressure cleaning after there was rain.

How Often Should I Clean My Roof?

Generally, you must have your roof cleaned and repaired once per year. It was often sufficient so that if problems arise, they could be addressed early.  Consider cleaning your roof every 2  years if you have a modern roof because it is more likely to be in good condition. Consider having your roof inspected as soon as possible after exceptionally bad weather.

Final Word

There is no doubt that the age and condition of a roof might have an impact on the degree of damage. In this context, yearly cleaning and maintenance go a long way toward preserving your roof. This basic technique should not be overlooked because it can increase the worth and sustainability of your house. With that stated, if you are searching for professional rooftop cleaning, contact a renowned professional roof cleaning in Miami to get your roof thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

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