What Sheen For Exterior Paint

What Sheen for Exterior Paint (2 Variables to Consider)

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What sheen for exterior paint:

If you’re thinking about exterior painting, your pick of sheen really boils down to two angles

  1. Design choices- you may prefer or dislike shinier finishes
  2. Your preference over design vs durability

The best sheen for exterior paint really is any paint that’s glossers. Flat is the least durable paint, and the least recommended. We paint about 85% of our client’s homes with a satin finish, and their trim (fascia, soffit) is usually semi-gloss or satin as well.

What Sheen for Exterior Paint

Exterior paint sheen plays a huge role in boosting the look and durability of your home. Knowing the different types of sheen helps you make wise decisions during painting.

  • Sheen is the finish or luster of the paint. Different sheens have various levels of glossiness, which affects the overall look of your home.
  • Flat sheen is popular, giving a non-reflective matte finish. It’s great for hiding flaws on older houses or uneven surfaces.
  • For a subtle shine, satin is preferred. It’s tough and suitable for high-traffic areas.

Here’s a visual of all of the different sheen options:

what sheen for exterior paint
Image courtesy of Janovic

When selecting an exterior paint sheen, keep in mind aspects like weather resistance and ease of maintenance. Semi-gloss sheens are highly recommended for trim and doors as they provide good protection against moisture and are easy to clean.

The exterior sheen you choose- will greatly impact how often you need to paint your exterior, so it’s pretty important.

To get the best results, prepare the surface well. First, clean it to remove dirt or grime. Second, use a primer for improved adhesion and longer life of the painted surface.

In conclusion, knowing exterior paint sheen options helps you make smart decisions based on your needs. Whether flat, satin or semi-gloss, the perfect sheen will enhance the beauty and longevity of your home’s exterior.

Importance of choosing the right sheen

Choosing the right sheen for your exterior paint is crucial. It’s the level of shine and it can greatly affect how your home looks and how long it lasts.

Location and weather matter. In humid or rainy places, a satin or semi-gloss finish is best. Moisture won’t wreck havoc as much.

Smooth surfaces like wood or metal reflect light, which shows off flaws. A flat or matte sheen works best to minimize these blemishes.

Rough surfaces like stucco or textured bricks need a higher sheen. Satin or eggshell will accentuate their natural textures and clean easily.

Consult with professionals to get expert advice. Different sheens may be needed in different parts of your home. Think about sunlight and foot traffic.

Remember, the right sheen is about more than looks. It contributes to the paint job’s longevity. So do your research and test options before deciding. With the right sheen you can make your home’s exterior look great and last long.

Different types of exterior paint sheen

When it comes to exterior paint sheen, there are several options. Knowing these types can help homeowners make a wise decision.

Flat sheen has a non-reflective finish, ideal for hiding imperfections. Satin gives a subtle sheen that’s easy to clean. Eggshell has a slight gloss and is durable and washable.

Semi-gloss is great for areas with moisture or high humidity, as it resists both. High-gloss is very reflective and great for accents.

Did you know wrong sheen can affect energy efficiency? High-gloss reflects heat away from your home, so using it in colder months can lead to higher heating costs.

Consider not just aesthetics but practicality when selecting an exterior paint sheen. Understanding the types is essential for achieving desired results in both looks and functionality. Homeowners should consider reflectivity, durability, and maintenance requirements to make the best decision.

Finding the perfect sheen for your exterior paint is like finding the right lipstick shade for your home – get the glossy, long-lasting finish that will make your walls look amazing!

Factors to consider when selecting a sheen

When selecting a sheen for exterior paint, there are several factors to consider. These include location, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Take a look at the table below for more details.

Factors to consider
– Location: High exposure areas need higher sheen for protection against sun and moisture. Low exposure can use lower sheen for visual appeal.
– Durability: High traffic areas may need higher sheen, as it is easier to clean and has better wear and tear resistance. Lower sheen is suitable for less used areas.
– Aesthetic: Higher sheens like gloss or semi-gloss are reflective, while lower sheens like satin or flat offer a smoother look.

Unique details such as weather conditions, color selection, and surface preparation can also influence the performance and appearance of the paint. For instance, in humid areas, opt for a sheen that has good moisture resistance. Darker colors absorb more heat, so selecting a suitable sheen can help. Pro Tip: Test different options on a small area before making your final decision, for the best possible outcome.

How to determine the appropriate sheen for different areas

Finding the right sheen for different areas requires considering the exact needs and conditions. To make this easier, we’ve made a table to show the ideal sheen. Check it out:

AreaIdeal Sheen
Living RoomEggshell
Exterior WallsFlat or Satin

You can also try unique sheens like high gloss for doors and trim, or metallic sheen for accent walls. This concern isn’t new. From matte finishes in palaces to glossy paints in the Renaissance, people have been thinking about sheen for centuries.

Now that you know the power of sheen, choose the finish that fits each area perfectly. It’s all about finding balance between looks and practicality. Lastly, get ready for paint prep and make your exterior shine!

Preparation and application tips for each sheen

For different sheens of exterior paint, there are particular prep and application techniques. Guidelines to make your paint job successful:

Clean it thoroughly. Sand rough spots.Remove peeling paint. Wash with mild detergent.Sand glossy areas lightly. Fill cracks with filler.Clean from dirt & dust. Repair any damage.
Use a good brush or roller. Apply a primer for adhesion.Apply two coats. Allow proper drying time.Avoid visible marks. Don’t brush or roll too much.Use a sprayer for even coverage. Two coats, if needed.

Also, pay attention to weather conditions when painting. Glossy finishes show imperfections more than matte ones do. It’s like keeping your car clean – it won’t boost performance, but it will make you look put-together.

Maintenance and care for each sheen

For each sheen type, maintenance and care differ.

  • Flat sheens are easy to clean, but gentle care is a must.
  • Satin sheens are wipeable, so just use mild soap and water to get rid of dirt and stains.
  • Semi-gloss finishes are stain-resistant, however regular cleaning is key to avoid dirt build-up.
  • Gloss sheens are highly durable, but always use non-abrasive cleaners to prevent scratching.

Weather can also impact the life of your exterior paint. Extreme temperatures and moisture can affect the performance of the paint. For optimal results, consider applying paint when the weather is perfect and inspect it regularly for any signs of wear.

We can extend the lifespan of our exterior surfaces by understanding how to properly care for our paint based on its sheen type. The Paint Quality Institute conducted a study which showed that correct maintenance and care can improve the durability of paint. So, why not make your house stand out with a sheen that will make everyone jealous?


When it comes to exterior paint, sheen matters. A higher gloss finish offers better resistance to moisture and is easier to clean. Lower gloss finishes can help hide surface imperfections. It’s also important to choose a sheen that suits your home’s style. Talk to professionals or color guides for expert advice. Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Exterior line is recommended for exceptional weather resistance and color intensity. So, consider factors like durability, cleaning, design, and recommendations when selecting the right sheen for your exterior paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – What Sheen For Exterior Paint

Q: What is sheen in exterior paint?

A: Sheen refers to the level of shine or glossiness in paint. It impacts the appearance, durability, and cleaning ability of the painted surface.

Q: What are the different sheen options available for exterior paint?

A: The commonly available sheen options for exterior paint are flat, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Each offers a different level of shine and durability.

Q: Which sheen is best for exterior siding?

A: Satin or semi-gloss sheen is usually recommended for exterior siding. These sheens provide a good balance of durability, protection, and aesthetic appeal.

Q: Can I use a flat sheen for exterior paint?

A: While flat sheen can be used for exterior paint, it is not recommended for high-traffic or high-moisture areas. Flat sheen is more prone to staining and lacks the durability of other sheen options.

Q: Is high-gloss sheen suitable for exterior surfaces?

A: High-gloss sheen is best suited for exterior surfaces that require high durability and are easy to clean, such as doors, trims, or metal surfaces. It may not be the ideal choice for large areas like siding.

Q: How do I choose the right sheen for my exterior project?

A: The choice of sheen depends on factors like the desired appearance, the surface to be painted, the level of maintenance desired, and the climatic conditions. Consulting with a paint professional can help in making the right selection.

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