can you paint your metal roof?

Can you Paint a Metal Roof? (5 Easy Steps)

One of the biggest perks of a metal roof is how little maintenance they need to last a long time. While that’s a massive perk (that you definitely paid good money for) it also means that you never really get the chance to change the color of the roof with a reinstall.

That leaves you with one obvious question, ” Can you paint a metal roof? “.

Yes, you can.

Straight To The Point:

Can you paint a metal roof?

Yes, you can paint a metal roof any color If you’d want. The paint, however, must be oil-based or acrylic-latex-based paint. 

Make sure to prep the roof with some pretty thorough pressure washing, and use an appropriate primer before painting.

I’ll cover how to paint a metal roof more in detail, but just know- you can definitely paint your metal roof. To be honest, you can paint any of the popular roof materials like metal, shingles, and tile.

To be fair, you can paint any kind of roof, and for the last 23 years, Picazzo Painting Corp. has been offering Roof Painting Miami Services that last for years.

How to paint a metal roof

 First off, let’s go over the benefits of painting a metal roof. There are a few that you should definitely be aware of.

It’s actually a bit difficult, and it’s much better to paint metal roofs with spray. If you’re interested in a free quote to paint your metal roof and you’re in South Florida, call us for residential painting services.

can you paint a metal roof
Painted Metal Roof

Benefits of Painting Metal Roofs

Lower electricity costs- metal roofing in itself has been proven to absorb a lot of both heat and cold. So, if you paint it with these paints we mentioned earlier. The roofing will be able to absorb far more heat than without the paint applied. This benefit also helps with sustainability. Plain tile roofing doesn’t absorb very much heat, so we manufacture insulation and increase our usage of air-conditioning. Therefore, if our house is naturally cool all year around our carbon footprint will be reduced significantly.

Looks better– This is probably the most obvious benefit, but when you paint something it tends to look better. To be honest, this isn’t a practical benefit, but it does make you happier with the aesthetic of your home.

Lasts Longer-  Metal roofing already lasts far longer than regular tile roofing. However, an added layer of protection from the elements and UV rays will make it last almost indefinitely. This makes painting your metal roof extremely economical because you will not have to pay for maintenance or the replacement of your roof for almost another 20-25 years.

There are definitely benefits to painting your metal roof. We definitely recommend it to all of our clients and to anyone looking to save money in the long term. So, if you have a metal roof consider contracting a professional roofer or painting company to paint your roof.

How to Paint Metal Roof

If you’re not interested in hiring a professional and want to paint your own roof, don’t worry. The process is much simpler than it seems.

There are a few things that you need before painting your roof. You are going to need basic painting tools like a roller, spray painter, or various brushes. Then, you are going to have to find your paint.

Go to your local Sherwin-Williams or Home Depot and ask a professional to help find the right paint for you. This paint from Home depot is pretty solid: Metal Roof Paint.

Finally, you are going to need a friend or family member to help and make the process as safe as possible. 

Step 1: The first step in painting your metal roof would be to pressure clean any dirt or trash off of the roof. The surface area of the roof needs to be very clean for the process to work well. So, make sure to get all of it off in a safe and effective manner. This varies widely, but a pressure cleaning machine is very effective for those that have access to one.

Step 2: Choose a nice day to paint. This is arguably the most important aspect of the entire process because it could cost you the most amount of money. Too much sun, wind, or rain can have catastrophic effects on the final product. More specifically, it can damage the way the paint dries, applies, and sticks to metal roofing.

Step 3: Primer. We have another blog post discussing the importance of priming drywall. The same concept applies to metal, wood, or any other surface you’re painting. There are very few scenarios where priming isn’t necessary, but they are few and far in between. 

Step 4: Be safe. Safety is the most important thing. Make sure that you’re on stable footing and that you have someone helping and watching you at all times. Nobody wants you to get hurt.

Step 5: Paint. You’re now ready to paint. So, go ahead get that painting material we mentioned earlier and start lathering that paint on there. A quick note: the average cost of painting a metal roof is about 2.00$ per sq/ft of area. Please take this into account before starting your painting project.

Can you paint roof shingles?

  Yes, you can definitely paint roof shingles. It is actually recommended because it is more environmentally friendly than replacing the entirety of the roof.

For some reason, people think that you can’t paint roof shingles. This is completely untrue. In fact, it is much easier to paint than other types of roofs because it takes very little preparation. Below we will discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of painting your roof shingles.


  1. Affordability- This is probably the most important thing to be aware of if you’re in the business of replacing your roof shingles. If your shingles do not have any extensive damage or deformations, then it is completely safe and recommended that you paint your roof shingles. 
  2. Aesthetic- If your shingles are worn out and disgusting looking, then it is no wonder that you want to paint your roof. Sometimes the reason that we do things is for the sake of how they look. I mean, we do it for ourselves so why can’t we do it with our roof?
  3. Last a little while longer- Paint tends to extend the longevity of anything that you’re painting. This is because it defends against weather and harmful UV from the sun. So, if you want your roof to last you another year or two, painting your shingles is definitely an option.


  1. Potential Damage- The process of painting the shingles might lead to further damage or wear on your roof. The pressure cleaning or maybe even the painting itself will lead to worsening the health of your roof.
  2. Maintenance- This is something that you should be aware of if you’re painting your shingles. You are going to have to constantly be aware of the health of your roof. The paint might not last very long and someone is going to have to be responsible for the damages.

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So, if you’re looking for a painting contractor look no further. Call us at 786-796-2443.

If you’re still undecided about hiring us as a painting contractor read “How to Hire a Painting Contractor” for steps on how to approach painting contractors.

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